About me

About me

Hello! My names Featyre (pronounced as "feature"). I like tech, and I like to live by myself. I am now 15 and I am a proud autistic. Started using the internet since age 2.


  • Newgrounds (Tankmen, Madness Combat, Henry Stickmin, etc.)
  • Gaming (I'm still stuck at my comfort zone, and those are Roblox and Minecraft, yeah, shameful)
  • Tech (Computers, Software, FOSS Software, etc.)
  • Privacy
  • Music (Mostly pop music from the 2000s-2010s)
  • And some interests poping in and out all of the time

DNI list

  • MAP, Pedophiles, Proshippers
  • Zoophiles
  • Karens, Extremists
  • Cryptobros, NFTbros, Web3bros, Blockchainbros (I don't support shitcoins, pump and dump coins, and most altcoins. Also I don't believe Web3 is the future, if you haven't seen the footer already)
  • Racist people, Xenophobes, Homophobes, people who hate other people based on anything nature and people's choices
  • NSFW accounts (I AM A MINOR)
  • People who don't respect opinions

You good? I'm happy to make friends, check out my footer for socials and my contact information.

10:00 PM