Terms of Self-hosted Platforms

Last updated: November 8, 2021 at 08:01 (UTC)

Clarify: "You", "your" and "the user" means the user, aka you. "I", "me" and "the owner" means the owner, aka Featyre. Unless especified, "featyre.xyz's services", "instances" or "the services" means any services that I host. "we", "us", "the staff" means the services's staff, excluding the owner. "others users" means users on the services that are not me, you, and the staff. "content" means any medium uploaded or posted by you and other users that is visible and understanable to you, me, and the staff such as but not limited to: Images, Audio, Video.

Content on the services

The content on the services are made by other users like you. As such, I am not responsible for content by you and other users that violates your country's laws, the Nevada state and the US law, and this Terms of Service. However, me and the staff will search for any content that violates aforementioned laws and this Terms of Service, and will take appropriate actions.

General rule for the services

  1. You must be the minimum legal age to use the services, the general of thumb: 13 for the most of the countries, 16 for the EU, if you are not sure, search it up. If found that you are using the services under the minimum legal age, me and the staff will delete all of your data, safely.
  2. Don't post, share or suggest illegal content according to the laws of your country, Nevada state and the US law (where the VPS is hosted), and the VPS' AUP, this including but not limited to: Loli, Child Porn, Warez, hate content/speech (including but not limited to homophobia, racism and xenophobia) and other offending materials (including but not limited to each user's user information, aka doxxing, death threats and harassing).
  3. Don't try to bring featyre.xyz and it's services down intentionally, using methods including but not limited to (Distributed) Denial of Service, spam registering accounts, or bots that intentionally harm the servers. If found, your IP will get blocked.
  4. Curcumventing bans will get you a bigger punishment.

Fosscord instance

The Fosscord instance has adopted the rules of Discord's Community Guidelines and will change without notice.

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